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"Artisan pup" was born in 2017, out of our need of sharing with the world a little bit from the best of the Mexican art and design. 

All of our products are inspired and handmade by Mexican Artisans and craftsmen. 

These wonderful creations will make each pup stand out from the doggy crowd since they are made with the most vibrant threads. 

Something important you should know, is that every collar is unique and unrepeatable. All patterns and combinations of colors are chosen by amazing artisans as they please. 

The threads in these beautiful dog collars, are naturally colored with pigments taken from plants, flowers and seeds. 

Our products are made with synthetic leather, which does not peel or keep odors. Besides is very resistant, washable and durable, unlike animal leather. 

The buckles are reinforced and made with stainless steel which does not stain or oxidize with water or use. 

The collars are handmade by artisans from different regions of Mexico. It takes from between 4 to 6 hours to make each collar!! 


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